Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Our SLA is our Pledge to offer you the highest standard of support and customer service.

At Webmobril Cloud, we use qualitative switches, routers and servers, which leads to guaranteed uptime and reality. We also ensure 100% Data Center Systems.

When it comes to become eligible for this SLA, requests for credits or refunds need to fulfil these needs:
(*) By using the ticket system, request must be submitted.
(*) There is a need to submit the request within 7 days of the issue.
(*) Request must include a ticket number to reference that simply shows the issue being acknowledged and reported.

Guaranteed Network and DataCenter:
We make sure that the network will be available 100% of the time in a given month. Our network uptime includes functionality of all networks infrastructure, which includes cabling, switches and routers and excluding software running on your server, hardware failure on the server and daemons. In cases, where a clients engaged in running a cluster or redundant server can be benefitted with the 100% uptime guarantee by eradicating a single point of failure in their hardware.

Scheduled Maintenance:
Updates, upgrades and hardware replacements are required occasionally, crucial steps are taken into account to avoid downtime. However, downtime during scheduled maintenance do not come under the category of refundable.

Software Maintenance:
At the time of managing servers, we keep systems, Kernels, OS and several other software updated as well as current in order to avoid any downtime or problems.

Hardware Maintenance:
We are engaged in managing thousands of servers and at some point, all hardware will fail. We generally, work quickly in order to restore the server and use our backups.
(*) DDoS, Exploits, Attacks or Hacked Servers.
(*) Outage on the Internet outside our network problems from upstream providers or local problems such as DNS caching or Browser and clients ISP.
(*) Incorrect installation or configuration of software by the client or non-staff, 3rdparty software, over utilization of resources or client abuse.
(*) Failure of individual services on a server while the network is up.
(*) Failure of individual service caused by client, client’s customers, family or friends.

We ensure that the critical system such as HVAC and power will be available 100% of the time without scheduled maintenance and clients server power supply.
Critical systems includes functioning of all power and HVAC infrastructure, which includes PDUs, cabling and UPSs. NOC downtime occurs when a particular server is shut down because of power or heat problems and such failure is recorded in the support ticket system.
If the network downtime exists the customer will be credited 1000% of the downtime as recorded by the support ticket and confirmed problem to the resolution. If the network is out for 1 hour, then 10 hours of downtime will be credited.

Hardware Assurance: (Dedicated Servers only)
We make sure the functioning of dedicated servers as well as their components. Any failed component will be replaced at no cost to the customer. When we identify the cause of the problem, hardware replacement will start. Within 2 hours of problem identification, hardware replacement is guaranteed. This guarantee of 2 hours does not include OS reinstalling, software installations or other data and backup services. In the case that it takes us more than 2 hours to replace faulty hardware, we will simply refund the customer 10x of the downtime till their monthly fee for every 1 hour of downtime. This means that if we couldn’t replace the hardware for 4 hours for some reasons and start the OS and software install, which could consume hours. We will credit 2 hours x 10, 20 hours of service.
Hardware is known as the RAM, hard disk, Processor(s), NIC, motherboard and several other related hardware included under the service lease.
In order to ensure that the site will perform optimally, servers and systems need to be brought down for routine maintenance and upgrades. We leave no stone unturned in minimizing such interruptions and if possible even give you advance notice of scheduled maintenance. However, scheduled service outages are not eligible to qualify for this guarantee.
Furthermore, this guarantee comes under the category of remedy for any unscheduled downtime. It should be confirmed by a staff member in support system.